DAC Wish List

The DAC has limited funding as a non-profit organization. Below is a list of items the DAC is wanting to purchase. At this time, we do not have money to use towards the purchase of these items, but find them necessary to provide quality services. If you would like to make a donation towards this item, please contact the DAC or visit our donations page. Thank you for your consideration!!!

1) A minivan - the DAC car has many, many miles on it...so it is time to find something new to provide safe transportation to and from people's home and work sites.

2) Paper Shredder - Thank you to the Federated Rural Electric Operation Round-up for the donation to purchase a paper shredder for employees to efficiently complete their work.

3) Paper Shredder - DAC has many people that shred paper. We could use another paper shredder to provide more jobs to those people that want to shred paper. 

4) Scissors for cutting rags - DAC is continually replacing scissors for people to cut rags. Any donation of new scissors would be a great appreciation. 

5) Craft ideas or supplies

Thank you again for your consideration!!!! 

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